May 30, 2006

A Pirate says 'Arrr!'

I took Regan to the eye doctor today. I have noticed a few times that when she daydreams her right eye drifts away a little. So we went in to see if there was a problem. They did a full exam and said her eye does drift a little but she self corrects it and I won't need to take her in for any therapy or anything. He did give us an eye patch and said she could wear that for 10 minutes a day to strengthen her right eye. I take her back in about six months to make sure everything is the same.
After that we went by the post office to send off the Sims 2 games I sold on ebay. (My first sell!!) Then we walked across the street to the library and got some books on pirates. Regan keeps singing the pirate song from Backyardigans.
Arrr! Arrr! Arrr!
A pirate, a pirate, a pirate says "Arrr!"
It might seem strange, just a bit bizarre,
But they know you're a pirate,
When they hear you say "Arrr!"


Marianna said...
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Marianna said...

Between the title of your blog and the fact that the first line was a statement that you took Regan to the eye doctor, I was sure you were going to say she was wearing an eye patch. Was that intentional? Did she have to wear one at the doctor's office, or was it just a random coincidence that she was singing that pirate song? Either way, pirates are cool. If you don't believe me, ask my friend Kelly.

Chelsea said...

The Dr. gave us the eye patch while we were there so she wore it ALL the way home. That's why she was singing the song. You can't wear an eye patch without saying 'Arrr!'

Marianna said...

Ahh, yes. You did mention the eye patch in your blog... heh heh... I was just kidding? Chalk it up to stress-induced psychosis brought on by excess studying?