May 27, 2006

Preschool, Kindergarten and Sixth Grade

We are starting our new school year June 6th. I can't believe I will be doing actual lessons with all three of my children. Ryan and Regan will be doing the same stuff. I have Rod & Staff preschool workbooks we'll be doing along with playing games, doing arts and crafts and me reading to them. A LOT. Around January I will take a look and see if we need to change things for them.
Washington law requires me to teach Devon certain subjects. I think there are around 10 or so. So here is what I'll be using with her:

Art- Drawing, painting, sculpting, etc
Bible- memorize the books of the Bible, a Psalm and the Beatitudes
History- The Story of The World: Volume 1- Ancient Times
Home Ec- Keepers at Home
Language Arts- Easy Grammar 45
Math- Developmental Math levels 7-9
Music- most likely piano
P.E.- Tennis, rollerblading, bicycle, swimming and soccer
Reading- At least two grade level books per month AND 30-45 minutes reading per day
Science- Considering Gods Creation
Writing- Handwriting Without Tears: Cursive

Whew! It's gonna be a busy year!!

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