June 17, 2006

My Growing Family

No, I'm not pregnant. Not yet anyway. My neice Mariah has come to spend part of the summer with us. Its sorta a family tradition to spend part of summer vacation with different family members. When I was little my brother (Michael) and I would go to our grandparents. I loved it. My Great Grandma and Great Grandpa lived right next door. My great Grandma and Grandma would always have this HUGE garden. My brother and I were always getting in trouble for eating all the pear tomatoes. They were good! There was always tons of family that lived nearby too. We would ride horses with our cousin Theresa and play in sawdust piles at Raymond and Pricillas house. There was also a river nearby that we would swim in. I think it was called Applegate River. Something like that. I also remember spending afternoons with my Great Grandma playing parcheesi and watching soaps. Yeah. Life was good.

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