June 23, 2006


Yesterday was a trying day. I planned on taking the kids to the library. We were going to walk there and stop by the park on the way home. When I went to get the double stroller for the two little ones I discover that our cats had taken the liberty of marking it as their own. So I didn't want to put the kids in a smelly stroller but I wasn't sure I wanted to walk that far with them just holding hands. So I loaded everyone in the van only to realize that someone had borrowed my keys and failed to promptly return them. The kids by this time are eager to go and getting a bit crabby. So I unload everyone and grump my way into the house. My mom feels great compassion for me and offers me the use of her car. Which by the way is a four cylinder currently running on ONE. So we transfer car seats and pile into her car. On the way to the library I stop at a consignment shop and buy a new-to-me stroller (which is now in my van and not on the cats' porch.) When we get home from the library it is almost 6 o'clock so I give the kids something to eat. Usually on Thursdays Michael and I go out and run some errands together and just hang out. BUT...On this particular Thursday-when I am really really looking forward to relaxing with him-he doesn't get home until 8. So that was my day. Its a good thing today's Friday.

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