July 15, 2006

Hello Again!

I know, I know...ten days with no post. Why you wonder. Well, I'll tell you. I was recovering from the fourth. Well for a few days anyway. Then we had company. Grandma had a birthday.(74!) AND I have been finishing the planning for the new school year. I thought I was already done with that but as I was looking through some of our curriculum I was finding all sorts of things I needed to gather up. Books, activity supplies, maps, etc. Hopefully I'll be done by Aug. 1st which is when we start our new year. I was going to start in June but decided to finish ALL our stuff from last year and with everything that has been going on...well- schoolwork took a backseat for a while.

So I have made this a large post hoping to cover most of the past week and a half. Enjoy!

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