July 3, 2006

My Home Library

I have been working on my home library for quite a while now. This weekend we had to go buy a third bookcase to house our piles of books. I have a narrow bookcase in my room and one in Devons room but other than that our books are in the living room. I am trying to organize them so its easier for the kids to find the type of book they are looking for. I have all the science, history, biography, animal, fiction and children's books in their own groups. You might be able to see the colored stickers on the book spines. Those show what type of book they are. Red for science, yellow for history, etc.

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Jill Scott said...

Niiice. I have three of these same bookcases in my livingroom, but they aren't all next to each other. You aren't the only one who has suggested I check out Good Reads, so I guess I'm going to have to head over there. Thanks for the info. :)