August 31, 2006

Poor Regan!!

Last night Regan was heading for my bedroom and Ryan slammed the door in her face. He was actually running full speed and hit the door causing the doorknob to catch Regan in the eye. She came running downstairs to tell on him and I noticed she was bleeding. She had a cut right above her eyebrow that was about half an inch long but DEEP. So I took her to the Pediatric Afterhours Clinic. They looked at it and said it was too deep for them to take care of and sent us over to the ER. She ended up getting a stitch or two inside the cut to hold it together better and five stitches on the outside. She cried a little in the ER (mostly because she was scared) but overall did really good. All the nurses kept coming into our room and saying what a big girl she was. Somehow during her stitches she got Michael or I (I'm not sure who) to promise to buy her a box of popsicles since she was being such a trooper. So here is a picture of her last night crashed out in the living room. The other is from this morning. (Oh, they ran out of kid bandaids in the ER so they made her one. That has Daddy, Mommy and Regan on it. With a little bit of sunshine)

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