September 10, 2006

101 in 1001

I posted this on my other blog a while back and decided I should post it here too. Mostly because I can't think of anything else to write about. I have made a list of 101 goals I want to reach in the next 1001 days. (Thats almost three years) Some of the things are seasonal and will need to wait til next year and some are things I need to do on a regular basis for a few months at least.

101 in 1001

1. Read my Bible Daily
2. Attend church regularly
3. Cut & hem living room curtains
4. Update blogs regularly *good so far*
5. Plan family vacation for 2007
6. Finish working on Christmas Notebook *Done*
7. Make an All Holiday/Event Notebook
8. Paint & put flooring in Ryan & Regans’ room
9. Complete Household Notebook *Done*
10. Paint & Tile front porch
11. Schedule physical for Michael & I
12. Schedule regular monthly dates with Michael
13. Plan occasional nights out for me
14. Put the girls in swimming lessons *Done*
15. Praise the kids more than correct them
16. Work on manners
17. Organize the book cases
18. Scrapbook regularly *Started*
19. Finish working on family tree
20. Save money from every check
21. Take the train to Portland
22. Read the Chronicles of Narnia aloud
23. Organize all photos
24. Take the kids to the zoo 6 x’s per year *3 Down-3 to Go*
25. Plan menus and actually use them!
26. Declutter closets & dressers
27. Clean out the garage
28. Make portfolios for each child
29. Photograph kids’ artwork and put the pictures in an album
30. Make freezer meals *Doing Good*
31. Put new flooring in Devons’ room
32. Retile the laundry room
33. Install new tub and surround in bathroom
34. Have people over for dinner more often
35. Edit pictures to B & W and have them framed
36. Have a garage sale
37. Go to museums
38. Keep a list of books I’ve read to the kids
39. Send out a Christmas letter
40. Take kids to the Living Nativity
41. Take the kids to the pumpkin patch and on a hayride
42. Go to a Mariners game
43. Go visit my Dad
44. Make homemade cookies for our neighbors
45. Send cards for birthdays and anniversaries
46. Go to the beach
47. Go hiking
48. Learn to knit or crochet
49. Teach Regan and Ryan how to ride a bike
50. Get Ryan potty trained.
51. Make a list of books I want to read
52. Make a list of books I want the kids to read
53. Start packing Michael lunch every day
54. Have an emergency fund of $1000
55. Have all debt paid off
56. Have 3 months of income in savings
57. Make memory boxes for each child
58. Buy a new bed for Michael & I
59. Buy a new dining room table & chairs
60. Actually read all the books I have in my bookcases
61. Read the Bible all the way through
62. Have a garden
63. Learn to can food
64. Get back to my pre-baby weight
65. Learn sign language (kids too)
66. Learn to play an instrument
67. Join the Friends of the Library
68. Start an I, Me, Mine basket
69. Learn how to sew clothing
70. Learn how to quilt
71. Have a well stocked pantry
72. Have a well stocked freezer
73. Save enough to have a heat pump installed
74. Save enough to re-roof the garage
75. Buy a houseplant and keep it alive
76. Join local genealogical group
77. Teach ***** how to use the internet
78. Teach Regan how to read
79. Teach Ryan how to read
80. Exercise 4x per week
81. Cook more from scratch
82. Take the kids blackberry picking
83. Take the kids fishing
84. Take the kids ice skating
85. Take the family to see the Nutcracker ballet
86. Have another baby!
87. Copy Jonathans home movies onto DVD *He's Doing It*
88. Teach Devon how to cook
89. Keep in touch with extended family
90. Make a new personal goal for each month
91. Keep in contact with friends from California
92. Send Jessica care packages
93. Send regular emails to Marianna
94. Take Devon horseback riding
95. Decorate the house for each season *Doing Good*
96. Learn how to make candles
97. Complete disaster preparedness tubs
98. Have a fully stocked first aid kit in the house *Done*
99. Keep auto maintenance up to date
100. Get both cats fixed
101. Plan one on one time with each child daily


Jessica said...

Chelsea, you said you wanted me to comment, so here it is. I really like number 92 on your list. ;)

Chelsea said...

Yeah, you would! It is actually something I want the girls to help with. So you may be getting lots of artwork for your walls!

Marianna said...

Wow, you are so ambitious! I think you should start keeping us updated on which ones you accomplish. I'm looking forward to some emails :)

Anonymous said...

I like #2...see you there! (hee hee)


Jessica said...

Still waiting on that carepackage. :P