December 1, 2006

Ryan Got Hurt. Again. Part 72

Isn't that a beautiful image? Its Ryans foot. Yesterday he and Regan were upstairs playing on my computer when I heard Ryan start crying and Regan yelling to me that Ryan was hurt. His foot was bleeding all over the place! I took him in to his Dr.s office and they fixed him up. He stepped on something upstairs and sliced his toe open from the top to about 2/3 of the way down. It was cut through all three layers down to the bone! I thought he was going to need stitches but apparently the skin was too thin around the edges to hold a stitch so they just wrapped it up with steri-strips. And told me he wasn't supposed to walk on it for 48 hours. Yeah. Like thats possible. Ryan doesn't like to be carried around like a baby. He's a big boy. Those were his words too.

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