April 7, 2007

Can you believe my baby is almost 12?

I took this picture while we were at the park yesterday. I was going to post it with the other park pictures but it wouldn't work. So Devon gets her own post.
Things are going good with her. She is doing great with her schoolwork. Her piano lessons are really starting to pay off. Right now she is trying to learn how to play "My Bonnie" for Grandma. She has also been helping me out a lot with housework. Some things (like bending over to use the dustpan or picking Polly Pocket toys up off the floor) are getting a little difficult for me. So she has taken over those jobs.
She has also been helping my Mom cook. My Mom is doing a diet caled the six week body makeover. My Aunt is doing it too. Only my Aunt works 22 hours a day and doesn't have time to do al the food shopping and preparation. So my Mom has been doing it for her. Devon has been packaging the food into their portion sizes and doing some baking too.

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