May 27, 2007

Family Reunion (Saturday)

Michaels' family is having their annual family reunion this weekend. It's out at his cousin Tylers' property that has plenty of room for everyone to bring their RV's, tents, horses, quads and dirtbikes. There is a pond for fishing and a river that flows through the back section.

Michael and his cousins (there are dozens) spent most of the day racing around on their toys and making jumps and trails. I think there was between 25 and 30 bikes and quads racing around.

I don't know what it is with Michael but when he's at home with us he's 'Nice, calm, responsible Michael.' As soon as he gets out there and there's all this testosterone flying around he turns into 'Evel Kneivel Michael.' Numerous times I would glance over and spot Michael flying over a jump, several feet in the air, landing on two tires and laughing like a mad man. And of course everyone thought this was SO cool so they'd all try to beat the height and distance. Its amazing that no one was hurt.

So we go back again today. I think Michael is taking the video camera so he can get this stuff on tape. Then he'll give me a clip to post on here. Fun stuff for sure. I seriously think I aged ten years yesterday.
Devon had a great time yesterday. I think the only time I saw her was when she was hungry or needed a change of clothes because she 'accidentally' fell in the pond. When we were leaving last night I was tempted to hose her down before letting her in the van. She was SO

She wasn't the only one having a great time. Towards the end of the day Ryan found a mud pit to play in. He was laughing and dancing in it like it was the best thing in the world. A few feet away from him Regan was laying in the dirt making 'angels.' Like the ones you make in the snow.

You should have seen the dirt in the bottom of our tub after they were cleaned up.

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