May 5, 2007

Growing Kids...When Will It Stop?

After Michaels appointment yesterday I talked him into stopping at Target on the way home. The kids are all outgrowing their clothes (at the same time of course) so I wanted to see if I could find them a few things. We were able to find 2 pairs of shorts and 5 shirts for Ryan, 1 shirt for Devon and Regan got 2 shirts, a pair of shorts and a skirt. Devon was the one I was mainly shopping for but it is so hard to find clothes for her! She is tall and slim so pants are either too short or too big around the waist. The style of shirts I saw yesterday were too short for her and showed half her belly. I guess its a good thing I enjoy shopping. It will probably take a while to find the clothes she needs. While at Target we also picked up the new Blues Room movie for Ryan and a Strawberry Shortcake movie for Regan. Devon picked out a set of about 60 markers that have a really cool stand to stay in.

When we got back into town we had to go straight to Aunt Robins house for a BBQ. I think just about everyone was there. Uncle Rogers family, my family, my brothers family and my Uncle Buddy and Aunt Kathleen. I didn't even think to take any pictures. Can you believe that? Mariah took a lot so I'll see if she can send me one to post.

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