May 15, 2007

I finally made it to the store yesterday. I took a list but still forgot to get half the things on it. I did remember the apples though. Today the kids and I used the 'Apple peeler/corer/slicer' and prepped about a dozen apples for the dehydrator. I bought the apple tool from Pampered Chef years ago but didn't use it much until after I bought my Excaliber Dehydrator. Now its my best friend.

Today I decided to tackle the mess in the dining room. It looks a lot better but now I need to find somewhere to put the fabric and craft items I moved out of there. I also have a lot of school stuff in the dining room that I need to move to the schoolroom but I want to be able to put everything away once it reaches the schoolroom instead of having a big mess in there too. I'll keep plugging away at it and hopefully have it all done by tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully...

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