May 7, 2007

Mondays' Happenings

Today is Mariannas birthday! I think she's turning 27 but I could be wrong. She is currently in New Jersey but will be coming home soon. (Right Marianna?)
This afternoon Michael and I bought a sofa, a comfy chair for the schoolroom and a kids desk. All were purchased second hand and I think we paid less than $30 for all of them. The chair thats in the schoolroom will be recovered as soon as I can find a fabric that is kid proof.
I have spent the past few hours watching over Millie. She is in the early stages of labor and taking forever!! She'll probably have her kittens a few minutes after I give up and head for bed.
* Note: I 'borrowed' this picture of Marianna from her blog. I can't find any pics of her on my computer so I had to do the unthinkable...become a blogphotonapper.

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Jessica said...

Yes, she is 27 now and I'm pretty sure she is coming home in July...