June 26, 2007

Some Projects

Today was an internet-less day. Our router went out sometime last night and we didn't get a new one until this evening. So all day long I couldn't get online! I decided to take pictures of some of the stuff I've been doing lately. And some things I hope to get to!

This is my first attempt at making a diaper/wipe holder. They are supposed to be just the right size to hold a travel case of baby wipes and two diapers. I didn't use my sewing machine on this one because I wasn't sure how I wanted the flap done. So I just hand stitched it. I think it looks ok.

Here are some of the things I found yesterday at the thrift store. I was looking for some interesting fabrics to use on my diaper/wipe holders. One of the first things I found was this Holly Hobbie fabric. I can't use it for the holders but I bought it anyway!

The Holly Hobbie fabric had these two pictures on the same length of fabric.

These two iron on patterns are for embroidering or cross stitching. I am going to put them on some kitchen towels. Right now I have a hope chest I am filling with some of my projects. I plan on having one for each of the girls by the time they get married.

These two pictures are of Martha Stewart tea towels that were 40% off the already marked down price of $3.00. This is what I am using for my diaper/wipe holders. I can make two holders out of each towel.

These are the fabric squares I am using to make Michaels quilt. I really want to finish Ryans quilt and one for my Dad's 60th birthday before I start this one. Hopefully I'll have them all done by the end of summer.

This is going to be quick blanket I'm making for Devons birthday. I need to run to the store tomorrow and buy some batting and I can put this together.

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