June 20, 2007

Devons Ankle (Or Indiana Jones)

This afternoon Devon tripped over Ryan on the front steps and twisted her ankle. At least we hope its only twisted and not sprained or broken. There isn't any bruising or swelling so I'm just having her ice it and stay off it. Which suits her just fine since Damie has her set up in bed and watching The Librarian.

Which reminds me...Devon has turned into an Indiana Jones fan. She and Damie have watched 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and 'The Temple of Doom' this week. I'm not sure I want her watching 'The Last Crusade' as I remember it to be pretty scary. I think I'll have to rewatch that one to see if its ok. Although... Devon watches movies with her Dad (Anaconda anyone?) that would scare the pants off me. Wel, lots of movies scare me. I still can't watch Jaws.
Oh, right...Devons ankle. Please pray for it. I am NOT wanting a laid up child this summer. Or any summer for that matter.

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