June 18, 2007

More Crafting!

Today I made this tutu for Regan. It was super easy to make and she just loves it! I have enough tulle left to make another one but I'm afraid that if I did Ryan would wear it! Tomorrow I am going to make a pattern for a tote bag. I have a certain look in mind but can't find a pattern anywhere that looks the same. So I make my own!
I have been adding more links to my craft section so be sure to check that out!
Michaels' Aunt Christine has asked me to make some new menus for her restaurant. I made a trifold menu for her to give out to customers and a full sheet menu that I'll laminate and she'll have for the tables. I'm going by the restaurant tomorrow to show her a few samples that I've made and make any last minute changes before I start making them in bulk.

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