June 29, 2007

Storage Solutions for when the Kids get Underfoot One too Many Times.....

This week has been Sooo long! The seat on my van broke so I haven't been driving it much. My Mom started working on Tuesday so her car hasn't been available. AND Michael has been working a lot of overtime. Last week he worked 22 hours of OT. I'm not sure how much this week. He was scheduled to work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend so we arranged for him to spend a few nights at Jakes house so he wouldn't have as far to drive and might be able to get a reasonable amount of sleep. He called me after work tonight and told be there was some sort of commotion at work so they have the weekend off after all. He's still staying at Jakes tonight since he only got three hours of sleep last night and didn't really want to drive three hours to get home.

Uncle Roger came over yesterday and used his field mower to tackle our backyard. It took him about an hour to do the whole yard. It takes me two full days to do it with our puny little mower. I am SO thankful he came over and helped. I ordered a couple of pies from Aunt Christines shop and took them over today. He LOVES pies.

Devon and Ashley went swimming at the outdoor pool the other day. I made sure she had plenty of sunblock on and only stayed two hours but the poor girl still came home a little pink. Julianna went to pick them up for me and the girls decided they wanted to walk home. So Julianna drove really slow behind them so they could! I laughed so hard when I heard that. Regan and Ryan were really upset that they couldn't go swimming too so we baked cupcakes and had fun decorating them.

I finally remembered to order Paytons birth certificate and Social Security card. I need to send a copy of each in to our insurance company so they can pay the bills for her birth. I also remembered (this week) to go down and transfer the title of a truck we sold. In December! I've decided I should probably carry a notebook around with me all the time so I can jot down reminders. Otherwise I'll be walking around all day asking everyone "Now what was I doing?"

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