June 19, 2007

WFMW-Frozen Treats

In previous summers I have bought otter-pops by the truckload for my kids to enjoy. This year I am trying something a little different. Instead of buying otter-pops and having sticky fingerprints all over my house for the next three months-I am buying gogurts and putting them in the freezer. The kids think this is a great treat (Pleeaase Mom! Can we have a gogurt now? I'll clean my room!) and it isn't as messy!

This is a Works-For-Me-Wednesday post. If you want to read more WFMW posts just head on over to Shannons at Rocks In My Dryer.


Barbara H. said...

Never thought about freezing Gogurts -- great idea!

jtcosby said...

My kids LOVE doing this, the main reason I did it is for healthy reasons...at least this way, they are getting a little calcium! :) COOL!