July 30, 2007

Monday Catch Up

Sunday was basically spent doing some household maintenance. Our dishwasher was having some issues so Michael and I attempted to fix it. Didn't work. The motor is shot. So now we (I) have to wash dishes by hand until we can get a new one. Which is our new #1 priority. Michael repaired the drivers seat in my van and messed around with the engine a bit. I think he was giving it a tuneup but I'm not sure. He also mowed the front yard and fixed the laundry room light. I'm not telling what was wrong with it.

While he was doing all that I was drinking lemonade and reading a magazine beside the pool. Oh, wait! That was some show I saw on TV. No, I was cleaning and rearranging again. Michael likes what I've been doing in the sewing room but thought I needed some more space. So he had me move EVERYTHING out and he put in a new table that's about 30 in deep and 72 in wide. So now I have LOTS of room to spread out. Sweet huh?

I've been teaching the girls a little beginner sewing. Regan started with a simple felt 'purse'. She did the sewing herself. I sat her down at the sewing machine, showed her how to line up her seems, how to work the pedal and let her at it. OK. I was right there hovering to make sure she didn't sew over her hand or something. Devon is just working on sewing in a straight line and keeping things where they're supposed to be. And learning how much pressure to apply to the pedal. She keeps freaking herself out by pushing too hard.

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