July 22, 2007

Weekend Projects

Here's a picture of the quilt top I finished this weekend. Its a very girly quilt with princesses and sparkles. This one will measure 38 x 60 when it is completely done. I am going to buy the backing for it this week and hopefully put the whole thing together next weekend.

Between my sewing table, the ironing board and the containers holding my fabric I started to think I was outgrowing my little corner of the dining room. So today Michael, Devon and I cleaned off the front porch (oh, we installed a cat door off the laundry room so we no longer need a littler box!) and moved all my sewing paraphernalia out there. I love it! I have room to move around and I even set up a table (it about 2 x 4) so I can spread out even more! As soon as I get everything put away I'll get some pictures up.

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