August 14, 2007

Mosaic Madness

Yesterday was mosaic day. Or maybe I should say 'messy day'. Do you know how much of a mess tiny squares of construction paper + glue can make? Lots. Not as much as glitter (I have nightmares thinking about glitter) but still quite the mess. It was fun though. The kids each had their own picture (I drew a fish onto an 11x14 painting canvas) and a bowl of paper pieces. They shared the glue bottle (that was sheer brilliance on my part) and used paint brushes to smear the glue around evenly. They added each piece of paper individually to make the shape of their fish. Except Regan who's picture looks like confetti exploded on it. Here is a before and after shot of Ryans picture. He did most of the squares inside the fish but got bored before he finished so Devon did the fins and the outside water.

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Anonymous said...

How cute. I hope you are displaying those....they are so bright and "summery"