September 4, 2007

7th Grade

Today marked the first 'official' day of school for the 2007-2008 school year. At least all the local public schools started today. Devon got her new school schedule from me. I am having her do schoolwork Monday -Thursday with Friday left for art, library, field trips and making up work that didn't get done earlier in the week. Today went brilliantly. I think we are going to like having some subects twice a week for longer periods than everyday for less time. Oh, I found out today that the typing (keyboarding) program I have for her will keep track of everything for me. So I don't have to add her wpm or level completed to our record book. I can just print all her info off at the end of each term. For sign language I have a list of 75 signs I would like her to learn this term as well as the ASL alphabet. For reading I am having her read some Newberry award winners. I think we figured she'll have about three per month. Which she should get through just fine considering that she'll stay up half the night to finish a book if she really likes it. (She gets that from my Mom.)

Regan and Ryan are also starting Kindergarten this year. I'm going to wait until next Monday to start them though. I'd like to get through one week with Devon before adding more to my schedule. I'm focusing on reading, writing and math with them. This is what a friend of mine does with her children when they first start school and it works great for them. Hopefully it works just as well for us.


Jess said...

Sounds like a fun year! My kids are learning sign language,too. We are using the Signing Time vidoes which we absolutely love! It's amazing how fast they learn to sign that way. You might be able to find some at the library. They are made for little kids, but I enjoy them, too.

Chelsea said...

We are using the Signing Times videos. I bought Vol. 1-3 for the kids to work on and will add more as we master the ones we have.
By the way- I LOVE your blog! I visit it everyday and get so many ideas from you.