November 20, 2007


I realize its been a while since I last posted. We've had quite a bit going on. A few weeks ago Michael noticed a lump on Regan's left arm. (near her shoulder) That night I took her to the after hours clinic and they took a few xrays. During the next week and a half we saw three different Dr.s and had a bunch of different tests done. We finally got some answers today. Regan has something called Osteochondroma. It is a non-cancerous bone tumor that will continue to grow for as long as she grows. Since it is so close to the growth plate in her shoulder we will be scheduling a surgery to have it removed.

*** I have a copy of one of her xrays and I hope to get it here but my scanner isn't cooperating with me right now. The xray I have posted now is one that I found online and is very similar to Regans. ***

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Amy said...

Oh my goodness! Are you doing okay??? Call me if you need anything. Amy