December 26, 2007

Surgery Day

Today is the big day! Regan is going to have her bump removed. I'll give updates here as I can so check back in a while to see how things are going.

2:06-We got to the hospital around 11 this morning and were set up in a room right away. The anesthesiologist came in to check out her cough and make sure she was ok for surgery. Once he gave the ok her nurse got her ready to go. Dr. Silas came in around 12:30 and said they were getting the OR ready for her and she would be going in soon. They came and got her around 1:00. The surgery itself is expected to last around and hour.

3:15- Dr. Silas just came and talked to us. She said that the cap on Regans bump went deeper than they normally do so it took her quite a bit longer than normal to remove it. She is confident though that she got it all off so the chance of it growing back is very slim. Also, a pectoral tendon was connected to the bump and had to be cut out of the way and then reattached. Regan is in recovery now and we should be able to see her in an hour.

7:00- We finally made it home. We had a few problems when it came time to leave. Her oxygen saturation was too low, she threw up and was too weak to walk so she got to ride in a wheel chair. Right now she is doing good. She has her Dad watching a Disney Princess sing a long with her. I bet he'll even sing with her!

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