December 5, 2007

We're Okay

This week has been devastating for my county. Monday morning brought flooding worse than I have ever seen. It started out in Pe Ell where my MIL lives. Bridges washed out, there were mudslides and half the town was/is under water. Luckily she, Lonnie and the kids are okay. Michael's sister Kristy moved out there the previous weekend and while she got water in her basement. she and the kids are ok.

Michael's other sister Liz wasn't so lucky. She lives about 1/2 a mile from our house and was completely flooded out. She got about 5 feet of water inside the house and is guessing everything is a complete loss.

My brother and his family are ok. They live in an area that didn't have severe flooding. My Aunt and Uncle live up on a hill so they are fine. Julianna's street was flooded but the water didn't reach her house.
The top picture was taken from our upstairs window. The water got to within a few feet of the house before it started to recede. The bottom picture is Michael's poor little Rabbit. May it Rest In Peace.


Jessica said...

That's so crazy! Obviously you know this already, but it's been so long since we've had a bad flood like that. I'm glad your house was okay.

Chelsea said...

Can you believe that houses one block over had up to three feet of water in their living rooms!?