January 11, 2008

Many moons ago I had a hobby. That hobby was scrap booking. After having many children I decided that it took too much effort to get all my stuff out, fend off the sticky fingers and not get any pages finished. So I gave some stuff away and put the rest in my closet. (Also known as the ‘Land of No Return.’ Hey, plenty of good shoes have entered that room never to be seen again.)

Lately though, the scrap booking bug has infected me again. Only the world of pretty papers has changed so much. There are now brads, buttons, ribbons, yarn (oh, excuse me, I meant fibers) die cutting machines, wires, eyelets and on and on. I don’t even know what to do with half that stuff.

Lucky for me there are scrap booking stores near me that give excellent classes. One in particular is called ‘Cindy’s Simple Stuff.’ Every Saturday she has something called the Dollar Demos. You just go down to her store, toss your dollar in the pot and learn a new technique.

So here is the first page I have done in years. Its pretty basic but I really like it. Doesn’t Payton look so cute?

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