March 18, 2008

Works For My Wednesday: Magazine Organization

When Devon was three or four I started buying her a subscription to a magazine for her birthday. One year it was Highlights, another year it was Ranger Rick and later it was Zoobooks. When Regan and Ryan got old enough to enjoy the magazines (and not eat them) I started getting them their own birthday subscriptions.

Do you have any idea how quickly magazines can accumulate in a house that gets five every month?! I have tried baskets and these thingies but still the magazines were getting torn and wrinkled. Until I found these. Oh my word I LOVE them!! I buy a binder for each child and put all their magazines in it. They just love to pull their very own binder off the bookcase and browse through a years worth of magazines.

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Anonymous said...

I've used those. They are great for thin magazines like the ones for children. For regular magazines, I like to lay them flat on my bookshelves with the spine out.

Chelsea said...

I forgot to mention that I use them for my quilting, scrapbooking and craft magazines too. It sure cuts down on my searching time to have them all together.