April 3, 2008

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

For the past few months I have been reading a blog called 'Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.' The author of the blog is Ree. Ree was a vegetarian city girl who fell in love with a cattle rancher, Marlboro Man. She is now a meat eating, homeschooling mother of four. Everyday she has a new post about life on a ranch. She talks about her kids, her love of Marlboro Man and her pesky brother in law Tim. Man, I just love reading her posts. She is so funny and honest. She makes me wish I were living on a ranch too. Riding the range and all.

I first found her blog when looking for photography help. She has taught herself an amazing amount about digital photography and photo editing. The pictures on her blog are so amazing! I highly recommend this site to anyone who wants to learn more about photography and editing.

Her new site has tabs that will let you choose between reading about daily life, cooking, photography and her home/garden. This new site is still being worked on so be sure to check back daily and see what she's added.

Oh, Devon wanted me to be sure to mention that Marlboro Man and Ree have a herd of wild mustangs on their ranch too. That's very important, you know.

Also, even though Ree has given her husband the nickname of Marlboro Man, he is in fact, a non smoker. Just thought I'd mention that.

The picture I used with this post was taken by Ree and is available from her website for FREE to download and print. Yes, I said FREE.

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