July 17, 2008

Hey Amy! Here are the pictures I took last night. Please ignore any mess you might see.
Here is the plate collection I have started. Can I call it a collection if I only have one? The stars on the top shelf were purchased from Oriental Trading Company. The picture in the middle is made from a wooden frame that had the canvas removed. I painted the frame black and attached a piece of scrapbooking paper to the back.
The plate is made from the Johnson Brothers and is the Old British Castles collection.
Here are three metal stars that also came from Oriental Trading Company.
Now doesn't my house look fancy!

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Anonymous said...

Great job! It looks very nice. I suppose that should be spurring me on to do something here, but, alas, it only makes me think that I would have something else to decorate. How sad. You keep it up, though!