September 3, 2008

Tuesday was our first day back to school. Regan and Ryan are going to Evergreen Academy 1/2 days so I can have a few hours to really focus on Devon and help her with her online classes. (She's doing WAVA again)

I woke the kids up early, got them ready and walked them the two blocks to school. I wasn't sure how I would do leaving them but everything went ok. I didn't cry at all. Which is amazing.

Payton was still asleep when I got home so I had Devon get her laptop set up and went to rouse the baby. After I got her dressed and gave her breakfast she decided to watch Sesame Street while I worked with Devon.

It took Devon and I about an hour to get logged on to the OLS. (Online School) I'm guessing WAVA was just a little overwhelmed with everyone trying to get started at the same time. Hopefully this won't be a common thing. I still haven't received the shipment of school materials from K12 yet so Devon just worked on math, history and science.

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