October 3, 2008

In my upstairs closet I have three shelves of legal boxes. I've labeled each of the boxes with a season/holiday and filled the boxes with books, decorations, baking/cooking stuff, candles, projects the kids have made, etc. Actually, I have a lot for Christmas and Fall so they have tubs in the garage. But right now I'm talking about the boxes in my closet so lets just stick with that. 'K?

As I was putting our Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving books into our bookcase I thought 'Hey! I should share some of these titles on my blog.' Since I can't think of anything else to write about that's what were going with!
P is for Pilgrim - Carol Crane

A Plump and Perky Turkey - by Teresa Bateman

Pumpkin Town - by Katie McKy

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving - by Eric Metaxas

Thanksgiving Day at our House - by Nancy White Carlstrom

Some other books we have are:

The Great Turkey Walk - Johnny Appleseed - Pooh's Fall Harvest - The Monster Mall - Pumpkin, Pumpkin - Thanksgiving is... - Autumn's First Leaf - Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving, What makes it Special? - Winnie the Pooh's Thanksgiving - 'Twas the night before Thanksgiving - The Thanksgiving Story - The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving

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