May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009

A Baby Meme
For Paytons 2nd Birthday

How long had you been married at the time of the birth? Payton was born on our 6th anniversary.

What were your reactions when you found out that you were pregnant? We were so happy. We had been trying to have another baby for over a year.

How old were you? 29.

How did you find out that you were pregnant? Home pregnancy test. I was using those things like they were crack.

Who did you tell first? Umm...Whoever heard me shrieking from the bathroom.

Did you find out the sex? Yes.

Did you deliver early or late? I was induced three days early

Did you have morning sickness? Nope. And I didn't claim to either.

What did you crave? Chocolate which was weird because prior to that pregnancy I hated chocolate.

Who irritated you most? I'm not going to say. Just in case that person reads this.

What was your child's sex? Girl

How many pounds did you gain throughout your pregnancy? 20 lbs.

Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? Yes. I was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder called antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. It made things a little scary but everything was fine.

Where did you give birth? The same hospital Regan was born.

How many hours were you in labor? Maybe an hour.

Who drove you to the hospital? Michael

Who watched? Michael

Was it vaginal or c-section? vaginal

Did you take medicine to ease the pain? I wish!! The epidural man was down the hall helping another woman while I was going through the worst pain. By the time he got to me I was ready to push. They gave it to me anyway so I had a good nap right after delivery.

How much did your baby weigh? 7 lbs 7 oz

What did you name your baby? Payton Joy

How old is your baby today? 2 Years old today!

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