May 6, 2009

May 6, 2009

Michael and I had plans to homeschool Ryan next year using Sonlight and Devon using WAVA. After looking into the graduation requirements and WAVA's guidelines about working ahead we decided WAVA wouldn't work the best for us. There was no way Devon would be able to get the math credits she would need to get a diploma.
So we put our heads together and thought about our options. Public school was not one of them. We could find another virtual academy, plan to do running start (an idea we got from Amy) or work towards getting her GED and enrolling in CC. What we decided to do is Sonlight!!
So now we are figuring out the details. Which foreign language to do, electives, math curriculum, etc. I'm pretty sure we are going going to learn sign language as a family and so Singapore for math. Anyone have any recommendations for electives?

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thoughts to think said...

Here's my case you cared! After Singapore 6, look into teaching textbooks. Malea needed a Singapore change and this one has been virtually painless.
About electives: LET DEVON CHOOSE! Let her brainstorm and research her options - there will be more ownership there. I just thought of this one...remember how we used to have TA as an elective? Why not for homeschool? All sorts of stuff you could include there - she could even come up with her own game plan every week!

Just some thoughts. Happy planning!