June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009

We made our second library trip of the summer yesterday. I think we had about 40 books in our stack to check out! I'm not sure how much of that my poor old back can take!

So far we have only read a few of the books so there are no favorites to post yet. Maybe I'll come back and edit this one later and list em for ya.

Devon had a huge stack of books she wanted to get for her June research paper. Since there were seventeen books I decided not to list them here. She is having a hard time choosing between two topics so she got plenty of books to comer both of them.

Ryan and Regan continue to surprise me with their reading. Regan disliked it all of last year and most of this year. I mean really disliked it. Then sometime around February she suddenly decided she loves books! So while she needs to do a quick catch up on all the months she didn't try to read I think she is doing amazing! One of her new favorite things is to curl up with a book and see how many of the words she can read.

Ryan , on the other hand, is just zipping through our book box! Regan's teacher is going to test him to see what his reading level is. Not that its really important since he's only five and needs age appropriate books more than he needs level appropriate books. But she offered and I'm curious so we'll do it sometime in the next few weeks.

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