July 2, 2009

July 2, 2009

It has been a LONG time since I joined in on Things I Love Thursday. So long, in fact, that I can't remember the last one I did.
So todays TILT is all about the holidays. I just LOVE holidays. Actually, any day that involves family getting together and food. This year we are heading out to Michaels parents' house for a BBQ and fireworks. I am taking Firework Shrimp, Pink Lemonade cupcakes, Baked Potato Dip and BCT salad. I am posting the links to each of the recipes so just click on the dish to find it.
BCT salad is pretty easy to make. My kids just LOVE it! It is probably the most requested side salad in our house. the ingredients are pretty simple.
Box of pasta (we use farfalle or fiori)
Bacon (chopped small)
Cheese (cut into small cubes. Like pencil eraser small)
Cucumber (cut to the same size as the cheese)
Tomato (also cut small)
Simply cook your pasta, drain and set in large bowl. Add ingredients. Mix well. You can add as much or as little ranch as you like. We like our pasta coated but not dripping.


thediaperdiaries said...

Yum!! I love 4th of July BBQs. Have one tonight and one tomorrow night. Yippee!!

Chelsea said...

Isn't it funny how we just LOVE BBQ's at the beginning of summer but by the time September rolls around we are all "BBQ again?"