July 15, 2009

Today was one of those days where my To Do list was longer than my day. Well, not really, but I'm a homebody and don't like to be gone running errands all day.
Devon had her yearly physical this afternoon. We arrived about twenty minutes early so we decided to hop on over to the park across the street and shoot a few pictures. As you can see, the girls had fun!
Oh! Devon has grown four and a half inches since last years physical! Can you believe it? She still hasn't reached the 100 lb mark but she's getting closer.
After the Dr. appointment we headed to the pool. Regan had a lesson aimed at getting her ready for swim team. Devon had her second practice and learned how to do the back stroke. She is learning so fast! I am so amazed by her!
I took about a dozen pictures of them swimming. The pool is indoor so they turned out pretty dark so I'll have to work on lightening them up. I'll post some as soon as I can get it figured out.

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