October 4, 2009

Last Friday we got a new puppy from Elissa and her boyfriend Scott. Scott dog, Zelda, is a Great Dane who had 'relations' with a neighborhood hottie. We've been waiting for him since early August and are thrilled that he's finally joined us!
So, he was delivered Friday morning and we (the whole family) have been brain storming a name for him every since. Today we finally settled on naming him Jack. JACK!! The name I love and suggested right away! It was fun listening to the kids' suggestions for names. Regan really wanted to name him Buttercup. Isn't that funny!

So far it seems like Payton has bonded with jack the most. She makes beds for him, reads to him and spends most of her time playing with him. She even helps Michael when its time to take Jack outside to go potty. The only problem she has with him is whenever she is on the floor Jack likes to climb on top of her and just lay there!

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