January 4, 2012

The Plague has Found Us

Last week (Thursday, to be precise) Payton started acting a little off. She was fine in the morning but by afternoon she was laying around a lot and not wanting to do anything. That night I put her to bed a little early, hoping that some extra sleep might help fight the sickies off. No such luck. About an hour later I went to check on her and she felt really warm. I took her temperature and it was 103.6!! So we spent a LONG night fighting her fever and trying to get some sleep. She spent Friday napping and napping some more.

By Friday night a nasty cough and sore throat had joined the party AND decided to invite Ryan.

Rather than give a detailed play by play of the last few days, I'll just say that Regan and I are still feeling good (knock on wood-cross my fingers-hold my breath) and the others are passed the worst. Hopefully.

So now we're three days into my new blogging goal and I'm wowing us all with details of the plague that has afflicted my home. I'm thinking it can only get better from here.

(Pretend there is a picture here.)

(I googled the word 'plague' trying to find one

and lets just say there were no family

friendly images available.)

(You're welcome.)

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