January 21, 2012

Snow Overload

This past week has been a fun one! Between Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon we've had record snowfall (15-18 in),an ice storm, frozen rain, heavy rains and high winds. This caused lots of downed trees, power outages (up to 230,000 at one point), stranded people and traffic problems galore! We are now under flood watch as the rain continues to melt snow and the temperatures climb.

The kids loved the snow! Well, except Payton. She thinks its pretty and wants to play in it but doesn't like cold hands. Or feet. So she would play outside for a few minutes then run inside to warm up. Leaving melting snow puddles all over the place.

Another snow lover turned out to be Jack. The first time he went outside there was a flock of about three dozen birds in the backyard. As soon as he saw them he ran and hid under the BBQ! I wish I'd gotten a picture of that!

Once the danger birds left, he started to enjoy himself. He would leap/frolic through the snow with his lips and ears flapping about.

So, while I'm glad we had a few snow days, I'm also happy to see the green grass and feel warm again.

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