May 3, 2006

Let's Get Started

I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time. I guess todays the day! I hope this blog will keep extended family up to date on whats going on with us. (Cheaper that calling everyone!)

Here's a little info on us: I am Chelsea and my honeys name is Michael. Our fifth anniversary is this month! We have three awesome kids. Devon is our oldest. She is going to be eleven in July. Regan is four and Ryan is two. I am a SAHM and I homeschool all three kids. Well, the younger two mostly play and have fun but they like to call it 'school.' We currently have three dogs, (Pete, Dave and Banjo) two cats, (Rosie and Maria) and two birds. (Frankie and Johnnie) Michael wants to get Devon a gecko for her birthday and the little ones want some fish. Hopefully those will stay in their tanks!

Our homeschool taste is pretty eclectic. We combine all sorts of curriculums to find what fits each child best. Devon loves to read and do a lot of hands on stuff. She likes anything to do with animals. Especially horses! Regan is more into singing and dancing. Ryan, being the boy he is, likes to take things apart. Then Daddy puts them back together. Ryan amazes me sometimes. He is just two and a half and already knows his entire alphabet, how to write all the letters, his colors, numbers, shapes, animals, etc. He just picks things up so quickly. I shouldn't be too surprised though. Both his sisters love teaching him stuff. And cheering loudly when he gets stuff right!

That should be enough for a first entry. I'll be back again tomorrow!


Marianna said...

Hooray! You've jumped on the bandwagon. Mad props. Are you sure your birds aren't in the mob? Frankie and Johnnie sound pretty suspicious. I should get back to my thesis, though, it's not going to write itself! I tried that already. After writing my outline a couple of weeks ago, I just left it alone, hoping that it would increase and multiply. But alas, when I took it up again, it was the same as when I left it. So I have a ton of work to do in the next few days. Does this ginormous comment make up for the recent lack of blogging? In closing, let me say that I am honored to be the first to post a comment on your blog... Okay? I am honored to be the first to post a comment on your blog.

Jonathan Willey said...

Nice Work Chelsea. May you be blessed with the ability to not procrastinate in you great blogging endeavor

Anonymous said...

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.