May 4, 2006

A Very Productive Day

I thought today was going to be a hard day. We are in the beginning stages of putting new flooring in the kitchen. Well, my Aunt Robin is doing most of the work...anyway, everything that can be moved out of the kitchen is now in the dining room. Its pretty crowded in there. Since we do the majority of our schoolwork at the table I thought we wouldn't get much done. Boy was I wrong!

I decided the kids and I would get some much needed cleaning done upstairs. I got my room cleaned, laundry put away, and my desk organized. Each of those jobs usually takes a day. (I may be exaggerating a little) Devon brought her schoolwork into my room and did more than she usually does. (Yay!!) For science she is studying Zoology and her assignment today was pretty tough. She had a list of 36 animals and had to find out what they were called when they were a group. It did have a list of words to choose from but finding the right one was hard. For example, she knew that a group of lions was called a pride and that a group of chicks was called a brood. But she had to do a lot of researching to find out that a group of cheetahs is called a coalition and a group of rhinoceros was called a crash. I was really impressed with her determination to find all 36 answers.

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