June 4, 2006

Another Week Gone

Whew! What a busy weekend. I had a ton of errands to do this weekend. I got almost all of them done. Yeah! Michael bought all the parts he needs to fix his rabbit. The last part is being delivered tomorrow. I can't wait until his car is fixed and I can have my van back! Of course it will need washed and vacuumed before I can use it.
Tomorrow is our first day of school for the new school year. Devon is pretty excited about starting sixth grade. Regan and Ryan are beyond excited about starting 'school'. I have everyone's school books set up in metal magazine racks. (That makes it easier to organize them)
Tomorrow I take Regan in for her dentist appointment. I have to give her two doses of antibiotics before she goes in. I think that because of her surgery she'll have to have antobiotics before dental visits for her whole life. This will be her second visit to our new dentist and she is really looking foreward to it.

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