June 5, 2006

Look Mom!! No Cavities!!

Regan had so much fun at the dentist today! Our dentist office has the best people working there! They make the kids feel so comfortable and actually excited to go! I told Regan yesterday that she was going to the dentist today. She went to bed early so today would come faster!
During her visit I waited for her in the waiting room. She did so good! She wasn't afraid at all! After she was done she got to pick a prize out of the treasure chest. She picked a Strawberry Shortcake figurine. She was kinda sad when they said she doesn't have to come back for six months. Well, actually she didn't know how long that was but when they explained it was after Christmas she knew it was a long time.


Jessica said...

Hey, that's where I go too! I recognized Dr. Kurz. They are very good, I have to agree. :)

Anonymous said...

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