February 23, 2007

Grandma's Home!!

Grandma came home today! She got here around 1:30. She is on oxygen now so the Lincare guys came and brought a big machine and got everything set up. She gets a nice air mattress delivered on Monday. Oh. When she got home she had 31 pages of discharge instructions! Can you believe that? She also had a bazillion prescriptions that were supposed to be filled today. My mom took them down to the pharmacy and they said they need 2 days to fill that many. My Mom said she needed them tonight so they said they'd try to have them done in two hours. She is still on a soft food diet so I am going to do some research tomorrow and find as many smoothie and juicer recipes as I can. Having only soft foods can't be that much fun so I am wanting to give her as much flavor and variety as I can.

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