February 22, 2007

One Week Update

One week update: I finally got a chance to go visit grandma last night. (I think the last time I saw her was last Tuesday when Michael was downstairs in the ER and I snuck upstairs for a visit.) She looked pretty good, Her breathing looked normal and her cough was very productive. I had Michael and Ryan with me and she was excited to see them both. I told her Michael was anxious for her to come home so he could watch TV with her. They both laughed. Ryan spent the visit checking out all the buttons on Grandmas bed and the medical stuff in her room. Every few minutes he would poke his head over by her and say “I’m sorry you have owies Grandma.” or “Me wuv you Grandma.”
Today is Thursday and I am taking Michael to a dentist appt and a follow up with his regular Dr. He thinks one of his teeth may be infected and that’s what caused the sinus infection in the first place. Tomorrow I take him back to his ENT and Eye Drs. For post-op appts. I’ll try to get a picture of his eye tomorrow to show the improvement it has made in one week.

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