February 18, 2007

More Updates

I was able to spend the night with Michael last night. My Mom was nice enough to watch the kids for me so I could. Michael did great through out the night. This morning he was up and walking around. Aside from the swollen eye he seems normal. His Ophthalmologist came by this morning and seemed pleased with the way things looked. A few hours later the ENT came in and talked to Michael about what he’ll have to do once he gets home. Both are optimistic that he’ll be released tomorrow.

Update on Grandma-
Grandma has been doing better every day. The pneumonia is going away little by little and her breathing is easier too. She is still having problems with blood clots in her left leg but her Dr. is going to switch her to a new med so that will hopefully reduce/eliminate any clots. She is also refusing to eat. Her Dr. is talking to a surgeon today about inserting a feeding tube in Grandmas stomach to ensure she gets the nutrition she needs. I think she will still have the option of eating orally and the feeding tube is backup. We are still optimistic that she’ll be home sometime this next week but we’ll mostly be playing it by ear.

Here are some pictures we took at the hospital. Michael had an awesome view. The first picture is of the fog covering. It looked like a big fluffy cloud just floating along. The second picture is what it looked like after the fog cleared.

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