February 18, 2007

Michaels Eye 2/16/07

Yesterday I was told that Michael would be released around 11am. Today it was a whole nother story! Overnight the swelling returned to Michaels left eye and once again he was in considerable pain. The eye Dr. ordered a Ct scan to see what was going on. He had the scan around 3 and they found some things that concerned them so they scheduled surgery for 7:30pm. The ENT Dr. went in and found a large polyp that was blocking his sinuses and causing most of his problems. They also made an incision in his eyelid and went exploring to clean out pus and any debris that might have passed through the sinus wall into the eye cavity.
After it was all over The Drs. Came out and told me how everything went. They were pleased that there wasn’t a lot of infection left in his sinuses. The antibiotics were doing their job. There was very little to clean out of his eye cavity. Actually, if they had known that they wouldn’t have gone in in the first place.
Here is a picture of his eye the morning after surgery. It is two days later when I am posting this and the eye loks MUCH better!!

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