March 23, 2007

Grandmas Home, the Kids are wild and Mama's lost her mind!

Grandma came home from the hospital on Tuesday. Hopefully that will be her last ambulance trip for a while. I think she will probably get another one in about six weeks when she goes in to get her hip repaired. During one of her past hospital stays the Dr.s discovered she broke her at some point. We think the original break is YEARS old but it is bothering her again so it might have been reinjured.

We had a couple sunny days last week. It was SO nice to get outside and let the kids play! But now it is rainy again and they are having some serious cases of cabin fever! And I am running out of ideas on how to keep them occupied while inside. Our mega stash of construction paper is almost out (time for another Costco trip!) and we haven't been to the library in weeks. I had actually planned to walk the kids down there today but the weather is not cooperating. Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow.

Michael has been doing pretty good at work. His eye is showing a little swelling so most likely he will stay on the same dose of Prednisone for this next week. (The Prednisone is whats keeping the swelling at bay) I think he plans on working on his new "Monster Truck' this weekend. (Thats what the little ones call it) Hopefully he'll be driving it to work next week instead of my van.

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