March 23, 2007

History of the Horse

I realized this afternoon that I haven't posted anything homeschool related in quite a while. GASP! Can you believe that?

So here's something new we are starting the first week of April. A unit study on the History of the Horse. The study guide is writen by a homeschooled girl named Hilary Berg. You can find the study guide at Beautiful Feet. Here are some of the books we'll be using with this course.

King of the Wind, Black Beauty, White Stallion of Lipizza, Justin Morgan had a Horse, Misty of Chincoteague, Brighty of the Grand Canyon, Mustang-Wild Spirit of the West, Black Stallion, Album of Horses, Handbook of Horses and How to Draw 50 Horses.

Oh, can anyone guess who's doing this unit study?

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